Kamis, 06 Oktober 2016

Graduation Post

Soooo it's kinda late post but it's okayyy since (perhaps) it's once in a lifetime experience :p
I had my graduation ceremony on April 9th and I love that moment!
I wore a pink kebaya by Meeta Griya Jahit Jogja, and I like it! It's pink and lovely and OMG I used make up too!! I had so many pimples at that time but Thanks God I had my best makeup artist: Patriza Gavynda who made me looked flawless but natural. Thankyou :D

and here is the graduation ceremony :p

and some photoshoot with friends

and I had my photostudio session with my family, but it was not a complete family portraigt since my brother still had his final test. but that's okay, we'll do this on my 'Sumpahan Apoteker' day :p Amen.

I really thanks to God for that precious moment, and now I had my co ass a.k.a PKPA. I'll write my experience of PKPA on the next post. just wait! hahaha sorry I had a long longgg hiatus. but I still love you dear my blog :*

bye~~  for now.

2 komentar:

  1. Hai kak monik! Im so excited to hear your good news :) Happy graduation love love. Doakan aku 2 tahun lagi menyusul S.ked hehe. Goodluck for coass! God bless

    1. OMG Ludya miss you :3 thanks yaa :D
      Sukses buat ngejar S.Ked nya yaaaaaaaa :* semangattt!!!


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