One step at a time

 I've realized that currently I've been so busy and in a hurry. It's related to job thingy tho'.

Basically I think I’m not supposed to be a multitasking person. I can’t be. But my job force me to be a super multitasking person. Sometimes when I forced myself to work overtime or taking 2 or 3 project at a time, I feel so tired yet stressed.

I know it’s annoying to have a perfectionist yet talkative boss LOLs. I’m always on call. Sometimes when my boss call me when I’ve already reached home and ask me about job thingy I feel like… uhh what time is it? not again T.T seeing my boss name on my cellphone screen sometimes make me take a deep breath for a while. Does anyone feel the same way?


Is being too hopeful in life a bad thing?

 People said anything too much in life is a bad thing. 

How about being too hopeful? Is it okay? Sometimes I feel like I'm being too positive or too optimistic. Is it wrong?

Now I think that hope is a necessity. We need to be hopeful to motivate ourselves. When we became too positive somehow when we face a failure we're not ready enough to cope up with failure. It can make us blind and mindless.

I think we need to keep an open mind to anything.

Keep growing.


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