Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Okay, my first post in 2016

Okay, i just feel so bored and I miss you my blog! So here we go, It was 4 pm here in my boarding house and I started to get bored. phooftt... I know there are so many stories, so many things happened in my life since last time I posted here.
Sooo finally I had my Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.. Thanks God :) 3,5 years has gone and I feel so blessed I've finally made it
These are some photos we had on my "Ujian Tertutup" It was on December 8th

Oke I look so fat there, *percayalah itu cuma efek baju aku yang bervolume
 Sorry for the low quality of pictures, but I swear that moment was good quality ever! Thanks for God, my family, my friends, everyone. When I just finished my Ujian Terbuka my friends congratulated me, gavee me a hugs, flowers, and I felt so touched and I cried, such a happiness tears :')
and here some photos of my last judgement (Ujian Terbuka) on January 5th

Finally I got S.Farm behind my Name, yayyy!
Okay, yes I had so many pimple at that time, and right now It's just the same. IDK, is there anything stressed me up? perhaps it's just because of my hormonal system, dunno.

Um question time,
Was it that hard to reach your bachelor degree?
I could say, yes. Anyone at this part said so. But the thing is we have to face it, right? I know there was a time when I felt so lazy and almost gave up. But then I remembered how far have I been fallen to this part, this faculty, this program. It just needed a little more time to make it done. Intinya memang: jalani saja bagianmu, usaha yang maksimal, jangan mengeluh dan serahkan semuanya pada Tuhan. Okay? jadi buat yang masih berjuang ngerjain skripsi atau buat dedek-dedek yang akan menjalani tahap ini: tetap Semangat! Tuhan Bersamamu :)

And yes, I'll have my graduation ceremony next week :)
Right now I just entered Apothecary Profession Program in Sanata Dharma, and It's been almost 7 weeks. Oke, jadi mahasiswa lagi. But I started to enjoy everything, tasks, lectures, etc. Hope everything will be okay and I must keep my spirit up!!!!

Okay, bye~
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