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KKN story

Well guys, here I'm gonna tell my story about my KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata). KKN was just like Service Learning Field Work. It was about 6 month ago though, and it was once in a lifetime experience, so here I'll start:
I was on group 34, and it consisted of 4 students. group members were:
1. Me (of course)
2. Agatha Asih Widiningrum (Agatha), Psychology student
3. Yulius Ardi Nugraha (Ardi), Psychology student
4. Hariyanti (Yanti), Psychology student

Okay it was me, the only Pharmacy student here and we haven't known each other before. That was awkward LOL, at our first meeting we were just silent and I swore I was shy to start conversation. OMG we just silent and .. how could I live with them in a month (um actualy it was 35 day) while they just silent like that tho'.

Um yes, we had our location survey a week after the meeting. and  the village was so far and the road was so extreme! We had our KKN in Watulawang, Watugajah, Gunung Kidul which located on sucha Mountain slope. Oh God. We were gonna live together-far away from Jogja-and how if I got bored there?? there were so much negative thought and I started to overthinking of everything. But luckily my KKN's mate were so kind and they were not as silent as I thought yeahh :D

Kayy finally the day has come, we had to left Jogja for a while and started our new adventure in Watulawang. Phoooftt ...
the first day was so hard cause we had to moved our equipment etc to Watulawang, which.. you know the road was so extreme, and I brought my motorcycle too. We allowed to bring 2 motorcycles only for each group, and guess what, the gas station was so far away from our homestay. I knew there were so many thing that made us hopeless at the very first time, but we had to made it, together.

It passed a week since we had KKN in Watulawang, and It was not bad as we thought before. the family who shared their life with us was very kind, the villager was so friendly, and we had beautiful scenery everyday.

Firstly I thought my KKN's mate were so silent, but in fact they are so kind and crazy! Agatha is such a sweet girl, caring, crazy! Firstly I thought Agatha was so silent and serious, but she had sucha crazy side tho'. Ardi is our leader, he's kind, crazy, loves to sing, and  melancholy (?).  Yanti is kind, had a mother's side, patient, and.... crazy!
yeah, we did it guys! There were so many crazy experiences we had together. It was on a dry season, so we had less water and we had to took a bath in outer side-um a little bit so far from our homestay. hummm once when we (me, Agatha, and Yanti) took a bath on the evening where sun had already down, we had a less lightening and suddenly a frog jumped into our water, and we're so shocked and screamed LOL.
I was so bad on the road, everytime I walked I was so careless and I often sliped, ohh my bad.
Agatha was planed to had p*op in our homestay's bathroom then suddenly she screamed out loud. Hearing her scream I was so shocked, while I still busy with my dishes. then I asked her what was going on, and she said there was a snake inside the bathroom! OMG! We're so panic then I asked Tri (homestay's child) and Ardi to handle it. Fortunately, we had a boy in our group that was so brave. Ardi caught that snake (by hand anyway) :O then have it killed. OMG! that was unforgetable!

Agatha and me
Ardi and me 

Yanti and me

There we had some programs for our villager too, we had a water pump program, courses for children, independence day activities, and Health program.
All programs were need to be reported and it was kinda borring when we had to do our report, fill our diary, etc :p

It was quite complicated when we had our independence day's activities. there were so many opinions and they (villager's youth) had sucha high expectations etc that made us so confused and burned our emotions tho'. But luckily we still could made it together, yay!

There is some picture of our independence day's activities:

Okay, this post is kinda long tho'~ LOL I just miss those moments :'
so these are some photos related to our acticities

 Embung Nglanggeran

This house where we stayed 

Mum, dad, and my brother visited me anyway :D

Embung Sriten 

our farewell nite with some villager 

 Yanti's face in the morning LOL

and finally we had to say goodbye, It was so sad. the villagers was as if our own family and It was so hard to say goodbye but we should left them to reach our own dream.
Hiks, I cried a lot on the last day. umm pardon me for being mellow :'
Thanks guys, everyone, Agatha, Ardi, and Yanti. Now we must reach our future. Thanks for our friendship. I know now we rarely meet and we are so busy with our own business and study, but I hope you're well and good luck! See you on top! :*

Sincerely, Monik
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