Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015


H.E.L.LO!!! So this blog was on a hiatus for such a long long time ahahaha. Currently I've been busy with my lecture, ah especially my thesis. Yep it's still on going.
So many things happened, so much that I even confuse how to tell here.
Last holiday I had sucha fun activity with my friends, we went on a vacations. and oh yes, I had my KKN a few month ago and I swear it was a precious moment (once in a life time). Perhaps I'll write about my KKN on next post. Ahahahah really! I miss you, my blog :'D
I had a crush on someone too *uhuk* but it doesn't stay any longer ahh :'( maybe it's not the right time. Okay, forget about this one :D
And yeah, 7 days ago my grandma from mother's side passed away. It was a sad day indeed when we had to lose her, but I know she's now in a better place and I'll always pray the best for her. Rest in Peace, Grandma.
When I wrote this post I was in the middle of Mid-Test. Humm literally I had to study hard for my exams, but I ended up blogging and umm stalking. Man! Stalking! Stalking on someone's account. pffftt such a waste of time, rite? NO. I know I shouldn't put my focus on someone that (even) don't deserve my attention. Yes, you're too precious, Monik! Just be confident, let go, and move forward! Bahahaha another 'abstract' love story (again).
Kayy, I should end this post now. My eyes were kinda sleepy and tired. So, bye bye for now :)

Love, Monik

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