Rabu, 29 April 2015

Then they said: Geminis can't ever "really" forget the past

Yep! I know it's not wise enough to believe in fortune teller or zodiac's characters. Some said geminis can't really forget their past. Me as a gemini and compared to myself I think that 'somehow' it's true!
I'm not a kind a person who can let go everything easily. When I forgot something, then it just left me reminded on next time. It's not wise enough when your life are haunted by your past. But I feel like I can't forget something that is soo hurting, and something that is to beautiful to forget. The point is I always remember the past and wondering if I could changed it. Phooft... somehow I think it's not such a normal way of life, but still I can't handle this.
I read the old conversation and It just reminded me of some old memories.
This early morning when I woke up, I just remind of someone and some old memories and stupidly wondering that I could deal this things.  And somehow I'm sick of this feeling. I just browsed on the internet and found this sentence "The only reason why it is so hard to forget someone is because we let go of people and not their memories" here 
Okay :D Maybe I'm already forgot the people, but not the memories. mmmm What sould I do? 
I know when I tired of every business I just have a rest and somehow thought of some oldie memories. ._. should I make myself too busy with another business?? But too much business will ended me a tired condition, then I started to over thinking of everything ._.
Okayy, thanks for the past, It was painful nor happy. But I need to outta here, need to out from this awkward feeling.
Well, It's not about the zodiac rite? It's about your self then.
So sorry I used to write my own feeling and my random story here. Heyy, but that's what Blog for, rite? :)

See ya 
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