Minggu, 05 April 2015

Selamat Paskah

Heloo, Selamat Paskah! :D
So, I had a short holiday in the middle of mid-term test. I went home and celebrated the Holy Week with my family (y) Okay it was just a little time since I only had 4 days. I missed my family so much! I wish I had more time to stay but I had to back to Jogja ASAP, cause I still have mid-term test. Yep,  5 subjects hasn't done yet. uhhhh :'( I know this semester will be sooo hard, cause there're so much projects that should be done.
You know, I feel sick of these routine. yaah but I must be done! I have no choice then. To be honest, if I have 2 choices:

A. stay close to my family and stay permanently at ma hometown
B. leave my hometown and reach my dream

I would like to chose A. But It's impossible right? you have to chose B, and you'll have a normal life. Fine. Everyone want to live as a normal way so that's why we need dream and goal to be reached. Perfect!
Ufff right now I just trying so hard not to complain all of things instead of doing everything normally.
Kay, Wish me luck !!!! :D :D
Anyway currently I feel like missing the old times. last time I said that I wanted to give up on someone, but IDK whyyyy it's so hard! even  after I met him this short holiday, and umm perhaps we still have some eye contacts. IDK, It was just my own feeling or He feels the same also. But even I haven't talked for so loonggg and perhaps we're both to shy to start first. (Or it's just me who feel too shy) ._. after all this time it's just soooo impossible to start over, and really! IDK howww to start first!!!! Hummmmmm
Okay, Selamat Paskah buatmu yaa :)

Sorry, this was a random post then :v
See ya soon
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