Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Bad Aura?

Well hello there :)
I know I'm not a kind of person who can read auras. But I feel like my aura is getting darker recently. IDK why but I started to be more like a moody person and sometimes I feel angry at myself for some reasons. I know it's not good but that was just happened!

Hmmm IDK what people thought about me but maybe there are some friends or anyone who feel weird and (perhaps) inconvenience (?) Kayy, I know it's just my own hypothesis or just me feel so pathetic

I've read some articles about auras and they said that aura can be affected by some illness, stress or emotional situation. hmm I know I just sooo tired of my routines, and sick of any deadline. Oh God, I feel like I need some rest or mood booster. I'm sick of myself being weak and lazzy. :(

OK, Those words above covered what I wanted to say tonight. Sorry for this weirdo post and hope my aura is getting pinker then! :D

Umm I'll have my Mid Test next week, and Pascha holiday too. Hmmm Pascha holiday will be in the middle of Mid Test. :) Hope to see HOME soon, I miss my family already. I miss 'ehem' people who left there. Tsahhh remembering the oldie story (AGAIN!) :p

Sincerely, Monik

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