Sabtu, 14 Maret 2015


Yayy,, finally! this is the day! hehehe my job and my duty on Student Executive Board of Faculty Pharmacy Sanata Dharma University is officially done :D
Kinda happy and such a relief.
I know my job and my duty haven't done well, there were so many obstacle behind it.  There was a time when I felt so bored and tired because there were so many project that used to be done. I had some crazy schedules and believe me, if  I were not strong enough, I was afraid that I can't handle this. Sometimes I felt like I want to finish this duty as soon as possible.

It was awful and sometime made my mood just fly down because of some problems in my division, But fortunately those bad mood wasn't stay longer so I could stand again, again, and again. Thanks God. It's such precious experience for meeting so many people with different characters so I could learn so many things from it.
It's also an honour for me to be the part of BEMF Farmasi USD. Thanks for our friendship, thanks for the chance, and thanks for giving me so many lessons. By joining this organization now I know that I'm truly blessed. I told you before, There are so many precious experience and it was wonderful!

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