Kamis, 01 Januari 2015

Christmas, Holiday, and happy New Year!

It's kinda late but Merry Christmas People! May the blessing of Christmas always be yours :D
So This Christmas was soo special as usual :D I went back to my Hometown and here are some pictures:

(umm It was taken on Christmas Eve)

My Brother, Mum, Me (My dad celebrated Christmas w/ grandma)

My relatives and Me (I looked so fat anyway --")

There was an awkward moment during this Christmas, but It make me kinda,,, umm happy (perhaps) :p

Now I've back to Jogja already, because on a duty %^$$^*^&()(_* . Sssh but It's okay :) I went to Sendangsono with my brother. Sendangsono is a kind of place where we could take a pray, It's like Lourdes in France. It is situated on Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. I love this place, It's relaxing and so fresh.
So here are some picture after we took a pray

My little brother and Me

Well, my cheeks O_O

It's kind of oily and tired face :p

Kayy, It's 2015 now and I used to thanks to 2014 for every precious memory, for any happiness and sadness. Many things happened and I think it's priceless. It's about how I smiled, and cried for some reasons, for any fatigue I have spent and for so many blessings I've received.  2014, you rock!!!!! \m/

Hope 2015 will be so much better and I can fill each day with smile and always feel The God's grace.
There are so many hopes and dreams. Perhaps about my study or getting boyfriend soon :p TROLOLOL~ Okay ._.


love, Monik

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