Senin, 15 Desember 2014

Feelin' Christmas All Around

Helooo,,, back again wif me. Okay This week gonna be the last week of Fifth semester, yayyy!!! But The Exams still haven't done yet hmmm. I just feel so tired and boring, so I made this post, and it's about Christmas!!! Hmmm, I always love everything about Christmas, the Christmas tree, wreath, Christmas light, hoaaa made me miss ma home :' and miss someone
Well, 2 weeks ago I made a handmade Christmas tree and wreath in my boarding house. And It's quite cheap! :P
a hand made? Why not?? It didn't waste so much rupiahs! It's easy and simple.
Want to know how to make it?
Okay then I'll show ya

Firstly, all the things that you need are:


1. papers or newspapers (better use a wasted paper, or a paper rubbish? hmm that's okay, you can recycle it)
2. some slingers (Well IDK how to say slingers, but It's a kind of  decorative ornament of Christmas)

 soo.. this is called 'slingers' (my friend said)
3. ribbons
4. some Christmas lights,
5. glue or stapler
6. scissor 

So, here are the steps:
1. Try to make the papers cone shaped, use the glue or stapler to make 'em stick on. Then wrap it with the 'slingers'
for more detail:

2. Then give them some ornaments to make it prettier. You can use some ribbons, more slingers, and don't forget the Christmas light!

3. Tadaaa... It's done!
a simple handmade of Christmas tree!

How?? It's pretty simple right? :D


Have a nice December people! :D

Anyway this is my favorite song recently: Santa Tell Me-Ariana Grande
Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon