Kamis, 31 Juli 2014

Holidays are almost over!

mmm... It's been such a long time to have the holidays. I thought this holiday gonna be busy. But in a fact, hell yea It is just like a flat holiday. If only I could make some effective project... like a.. writing or make some money, join the competitions, working in a part time, etc.  But that was just a plan, without any actions!
uh how dare you, Mon..
But I realize, maybe I just tired and it feels like I just haven't anything to do. Everyday what I've done was just woke up in the morning, helped my mum (but it was just simple things to do), online, and uhh what a life!
I know I miss my daily activities in boarding house, being busy at campus or laboratories. But I swear I'm gonna miss the holidays after the lectures begin.
You know, being away from your parents for a while will make you more wise and mature. That's how I feel :)
Soo, I have to back to Yogyakarta next month.  It's gonna be busy with the committees, student executive board's activities, etc. I hope everything will be better in the next semester. Cause It's still a half way to my future, as a Pharmacist.
Probably this blog will be on a hiatus when I started the new semester. But I'll try how to manage my times, so that I could still update the contents :D
You have to work hard, girl! Yep :)

Love, Monik
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