How pets help us cope the stress


 My little cat, Orenji

Hi guys, have you got any pet? Is it dog? cat? hamster? guinea pig? umm snake? XD  My favorites are cat and dog. I used to randomly scrolling over cat or dog on pinterest when I feel bored. Seeing cute animals is one of my way to reduce stress or anxiety. When I feel tired after work, seeing my cats are such a pleasing yet relaxing. Touch them, rub their fur, hear them meoww-ing and purring. Such a simply happiness. I have 2 cats, anyways.

Hello hooman My name's Ling-ling

And like any good human friend, pet is somehow could transfer the positive energy for us too. It also could ease a loneliness. That's how I feel.  Some research found that playing with dog or cat can elevate the level of dopamine and serotonin which make us calm, relax, and feeling joy.

Everyone have their own way to cope their stress. For me, adopting a cat, providing them home, take them as a companion means a lot. Back when  I was a child and my cat died, I used to cried and feel sad too LOL even me and my brother always ask my parents when will we adopt cat again. That was a good memories to remember when we're  just a kiddos. I've learned that God could take friends, peoples we loved, pets at anytime. Life must goes on. We will always find good peoples, human friends, furry friends around us. I found out that sometimes it's not only from other human we can learn, we can learn something too from animals. Truly we can't understand their language, but their act shown something that we could learn. No matter how hideous tigers are, they love their baby tiger, they keep their baby, give their best. See? we can always learn from anything.

Stress, anxiety are being (almost) our daily dose in this current uncertain world. Finding the ways to cope our stress are challenging because everyone are unique, so there must be a specific way to cope our stress. Why not try to have a pet? 
Hope you find your own way to cope the stress 💛

Be Happy, Hooman!

💛 Regards from my cats, Ling-ling & Orenji


  1. Hallo, Ling-Ling dan Orenjiiiii. Duh, gemoy banget, kaliaaaaan.😍

    Aku juga punya satu kucing, Mbak Mon. Namanya Wanita dan sekarang dia sudah usia 7 tahun lebih. Ngomong-ngomong dia itu kucing paling tua yang pernah aku pelihara. Yang lain-lain, bahkan belum ada dua tahun hidup, udah di panggil Yang Kuasa 😭. Eh iya, Wanitaku juga kocheng oren kayak Orenji, lhoooo. Tapi si Wanita barbar banget, mirip tabiat kocheng oren yang tersebar di dunia maya gitu 🤭. Si Orenji, gimana nih, Mbak? Kalem apa barbar juga kayak Wanita mentang-mentang dia oren?🤭

    Dan yes, aku setuju banget. Melalui hewan peliharaan kita bisa belajar banyak hal. Belajar mencintai, belajar tanggung jawab, belajar ikhlas, belajar melepaskan, dan mungkin juga belajar banyak hal lain. Menurutku memelihara binatang peliharaan itu rekomended banget buat yang punya anak-anak, selain buat teman anak-anak main sekalian buat mereka belajar juga.😄

    1. Halooo kakakkkk dapat salam nih dari Ling-ling sama Orenji :D
      Wah emang menyenangkan banget sih punya peliharaan, terutama kucingg. Dan sampai sekarang aku selalu rescue sampai beranak pinak beberapa generasi, dan aku selalu pelihara kucing kampung.

      Kucing orenku juga bar-bar banget meskipun dia cewek :D
      Tapi lucu aja dan memang sudh seperti adik sendiri n,n

  2. heyyy i have pet too :) i just bought a semi-flat faced kitten 6 months ago :D by the way, your cats are sooooo cute <3

    1. Woww hello there cat lover!!
      Thankyouu, sending the warm hugs from my cats <3


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