Why do I keep blaming society?


Hey guys, have you ever felt burned out, stressed or stuck? Then you keep blaming the situation and society again and again?

I personally been in this condition, and still figure out how to untangle the issues. There are so many obstacles get in the way. Sometimes when I felt tired and mentally unstable I just had a tendency to blame the situation. Why did this happen to me? What was my fault? Why my office mate were so annoying? Why our society's been so irritating? Why my family and relatives keep asking me when will I get married? Is married the only way to solve the problems? I hate it when people keep asking me this question, I dunno why people have this kind of stereotype. I know being a single in my 26 is such a taboo for the society around me. hmmm I haven't find the one, and I think everyone have their own timeline. Is it wrong if I'm still single? They keep judging as if they know how my journey was. Well that was one of my current random feeling.

I know everyone have their own problem, and we can't imagine how complicated it is because we can't see what's inside their mind. We can't control the society. Why do I keep blaming the society? I think it's because I haven't that mature to face the real society. I want to be a mindful, I'm trying. But when it comes to an annoying situation, I just can't handle my self. I know it's a part of growing up. Never thought that adulting could be this hard.

I should try to accept my current situation without judgement, that's what I learned from mindfulness theory. Practicing a mindfulness is not easy yet challenging, because we should be able to control ourselves and we should not easily got carried away by the situation. Mindfulness is not just a theory, it's more practical. Even my parents, friends, teachers never taught me this. It's a self learning journey. Never been easier, but it worth a try.

So let's dig in and spread more kindness.

Regards, M.


  1. true 💛we should be good with ourselves only we can makes our life better . Im done with some shitty people lol just ignore them .

    1. Yasssss, annoying rite? I'm trying hard just to ignore them and be truly kind (eww) LOL. So challenging, isn't it?

  2. Mbaak, aku juga sering merasa gitu🤧 Bahkan di saat kita berusaha untuk lebih positif pun selalu aja ada tingkah society yg bikin geram dan mulut gatal rasanya ingin berkomentar😂 mungkin karena stereotip itu sudah jadi budaya, termasuk kepo yg juga jadi budaya, orang lain merasa punya hak untuk mempertanyakan privasi kita, when they are actually don't have the right to asking those questions whatsoever. Kalau memang sudah tidak bisa dikontrol, PR-nya memang ada di diri kita untuk nggak membiarkan diri berada di lingkungan yg toxic macam itu, supaya lebih sehat secara mental😅

    1. Iyaa geram banget rasanya, kok ya ngurusin banget hidup orang ya? hahaha pengen rasanya mendamprat balik, cuma nihh mereka kadang usianya jauh diatas kita, jadi kesannya kayak durhaka LOL. Memang harus lebih bisa mengontrol diri dan jadi mindful, tapi ya susah :D
      Semoga kita makin sabar yaa


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