Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

20.... No more teen~

It's a special day, totally marvelous! yep, It's my day, and I'm turning 20!
such a happy but it feel like... different!
why? IDK but now I have a 2 head (some people said) 20 means a  maturity, freedom, and yep... age of tante-tante :P
when I opened my eyes this morning, I could feel God's grace-more fervently. many things happened, but still.. He never left me alone. Always.. there're many reasons to be grateful to.
How lucky I am. been surrounded by lovely parents, brother, and best friends. It was amazing to know that there are so many people who love you wholeheartedly.
20, 20, 20, It must be a great years! there're so much expectations, dreams that I wish I could reach soon. it's about college life, friendship, how to make my family proud of having me, it's about love life ... :p {I hope I could find prince charming soon hehe :') }
ahhh... there're so many hopes :p
but the most important thing is, how to act like a 20's? hmmm just go and find your own answer, Mon :)

Love, Monik

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