Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Hortatory Exposition (Tugasku)

Chatting too much in the Internet makes people
forget everything
(Monika Meitasari Astuti XI IPA 1)
The development of Technology Information is very amazing! In previous time we usually used letter for communicate with other people around the world . it took a long time and spent many cost. But after people discover an Internet, The world seems smaller and we can meet people around the world with online system. Internet is now become important thing for many people. In internet we can Browsing, Chatting, share everything, and get many information. But now there are many people who got addict with Internet. Internet make them forget everything. Forget their job, their school and their obligation activities.
The survey prove that most people got addict with chatting facility in internet. It makes them forget everything. Moreover there’re many internet chatting and social network in the internet, like Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, MSN messenger, Google Talk and many others. They provide the chatting service. Their service are very attractive and simple. That’s why people got addict with that. In chatting network we can find new friends and people in a whole world and chat with them without meet in person. Beside that, we can also get more knowledge and new information.
But we can also get negative impact from that. Chatting services make people forget everything.  Forget their job, their school and their obligation activities. When we got addict with chatting online service, we spent many time for online. And makes us lazy to do anything.
Internet chatting service not good at all, even there’re many negative impact that we get from that. For example: We ever heard there are many girl who abducted with people that they met in Chatting and Social Network in Internet. That’s so fear!
When chatting we must keep our attitude and privacy. We must be careful also with new people that we meet in internet. Because they not kind at all.
So we must be careful and use Internet Chatting and Social Network wisely.
Here are the tips in using Internet Chatting and Social Networking:
1.      Use Internet Chatting and Social Networking wisely
2.      Don’t forget about our job, school and obligation activities.
3.      Don’t use Internet Chatting and Social Networking everytime.  That’s not good for our healthy. It makes us tired and its not good for our eyes.
4.      We must remember about our pulse. Online in a long time spent much more pulse.

* I'm sory, I'm not good in English hehe 
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