2020, a short contemplation

 Merry Christmas! for those who celebrate. The joy, peace, and health always be yours.

Well 2020's been so uncertain and confusing. Regardless the Covid 19 pandemic, it's been a roller coaster for me. This is the year where I took so much concern about self love, self acceptance, and learning more and more about new things. 

This year I've been reduced the use of social medias. Never been easy because let's be real who can live without internet and social medias? But now I think I'm getting used to it. I don't really expose my personal life on social media. I don't think it's important enough (for me) to have a clear and neat feeds on instagram now. because.. you do you!

My work life were not easy too, especially during this pandemic working as healthcare workers are such .... @#$$#  can't be described. But I learned that every workplace is just the same. There are always some annoying people, and I try not to be distracted by situation. I try to be more mindful. Never been easy but worth to try.

2020 situation also makes me more aware with financial thingy. This is the year where I for the first time consider to be an investor of stock market. Bold move, right? I'll write more about my beginner investor experiences later. People said that being an investor on stock market is like a gambling, but now I think it depends on your value and your desire to learn and study more about the financial risk and benefit. So it's okay to learning by doing. 

Love life... well, this year I learn also that it's okay to be single in my 26. I know it's quite challenging to be mindful when we talk about love and relationship. Society somehow pushed us to be married soon. Have you got a boyfriend?  what are you waiting for?.. blah blah blah. I know I'm sick of those questions LOL but let them say whatever the want, because I believe that finding the right person and to marry them it's not just about party and wedding celebration, it's about how to live your life after married. It must be challenging. And everyone have their own timeline, so be patient with it. Well, I try 😊

Pandemic also makes me attend the Japanese course, and it's online class! Imagine that a pandemic also change the education system and I'm one of them who feel the possitive impact. There are so much webinars related to pharmacy or mental health and some of them are free! I believe that pandemic give us more awareness to be more thankful and learn new things. And yea, pandemic brougt me back here to my lovely blog that I've been on a hiatus for such a long time! yaaaayy πŸ˜€

There are some bad experiences and obstacles that we all struggling with. But I believe there are so many things too that we can be thankful to. Our health, our imperfect family, our friends, our job, anything.

2021 is waiting for us, I don't know what will happen in future. I don't think I'm going to make a resolutios because to live my life in the fullest is now my ikigai.

see you soon, 2021!


  1. Selamat sudah berhasil menjalani tahun 2020 dengan baik ya Mba πŸŽ‰
    Aku suka dengan keputusan Mba yang memang fokus dengan dirinya dan kebahagiaan Mba sendiri. Mulai membatasi penggunaan socmed, masa bodoh dengan apa kata orang (yang ini pasti susah) dan terus mengembangkan diri dengan ikut berbagai webinar.
    Tahun ini aku juga jadi rajin ikut kelas online Mba dan tentu yang free hehehe soalnya tau lah ya tahun ini semua orang struggle luar biasa.
    Semoga tahun 2021 jadi lebih baik lagi ya Mba πŸ˜‡

    1. Sama-sama mba, selamat juga karna sudah berhasil menjalani tahun ini dengan segala ketidakpastiannya.
      Tetap semangat mba, mungkin 2021 bakalan lebih greget :D

  2. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully next year will be our rising year and shining bright for the whole year. Happy New Year soon and stay safeee!

  3. One thing that i'm very grateful for living in this pandemic with all health protocol stuff is we became more cautious about our health, specifically public health and mental health. We also tend to be more aware about self-love and self-acceptance, bahwa it's okay untuk nggak mendengarkan suara-suara society atas berbagai pilihan hidup yg memang sudah sepatutnya cukup menjadi pertimbangan kita sendiri, bukan orang lain. Dan selamat mbak Monik sudah survive di tahun 2020 ini, yeaaay! Semoga kita bisa melalui tahun-tahun berikutnya dengan lebih kuat dan lebih mindful lagi ya mbak, Aamiin. Happy holiday, mbaak!😁🎊☕

    Ah, iya! Btw kutunggu tulisan tentang investasinya ya mbaak😍 I'm so excited.

    1. Haloooo, selamat juga sudah melalui 2020 dengan baik, meski memang ngga mudah ya. Semoga makin tahun beralu kita makin kuat.

      Waduh aku masih newbie dalam hal investasi, tapi akan aku coba tulis ya di post2 selanjutnya. Sapa tahu bisa saling sharing :D

  4. Hi Kak Monika, salam kenal! :D bisa panggil aku dengan Lia aja 😁
    Merry Christmas and happy new year for you πŸ₯³
    Keputusan yang sangat luar biasa untuk bisa mengurangi pemakaian dari sosmed. Aku sendiri udah merasakan manfaatnya dari hal tsb, hati jadi lebih plong banget ketika lepas dari sosmed dan hiruk pikuknya 😭
    Anyway, semoga di tahun 2021 menjadi tahun yang lebih baik untuk kita semua ya, Kak! πŸ™πŸ»

    1. Iyaa dengn ngga terlalu banyak melihat sosmed bikin kita ga ngebanding-bandingin diri kit dengan orang lain yaa
      Selamat tahun baru, tetap semangat!!

  5. Happy New Year kak Monika! I wish this year give you a loooot of blessing! Good luck with your work, though! We depend on you ^^


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