Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

I'm officialy 18 YO

hi, I'm already 18 now. and here I just wanna show you some birthday picts.
anyway I got a surprise from my besties: Nining, Kristin, Yuni, kamal, Agustaf :D
here are:

 from left: Nining, Kamal, Kristin. Agus, Yuni

 and this is our favorite place, @lapanganbolabelakangrumah

 and that's me who wore a Pink T-shirt with extra-curly bang! :D

 whoops, Kamal and Agustaf such a Maho ._.

oh my humps ._.

and the Bday cake from them:

 LOL so dark -___-

and I got this photograph as their gift, aaa thankyou :3

hopefully by this age I 'll be better at all and all of my dreams come true. thankyou for everyone who congratulated me via facebook, twitter, SMS or directly. It means a lot for me. 
thankyou and wish me luck too on SNMPTN. amen (˘ʃƪ˘)
Cute Polka Dotted Rainbow Bow Tie Ribbon