Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Yesterday my report was taken!!!

zzzzzzz yesterday I received my report... and yeah the result was so... hmmm not too bad, but not too good enough. I just.... Thanks God !!!!!! that's all because of you :)
and this is my report

zzz some subjects still got 75 zzz but it doesn't really matter. I've fight on, and maximize my effort. so this is..... my result :')
and hell yea, there's no Holiday till December 27th! zzzzz cause there are extra lessons for National Examination's preparation! zzz I'll face UN on April :O OMG! that's so AWHTFYKIHOIO >.<
and on December 26th I'll join some kind like Try Out for STAN entrance -.-' so this week I'm kinda busy, whereas this weekend is Christmas!!!!! xoxo really can't wait the Christmas Eve! :)
Hmmm I wanna make some Christmas decorations but haven't enough time. maybe tomorrow I'll make Christmas Creche on my room :)
and talking about Christmas,, I just miss someone there :') (my 'mood-booster')
and today I just met my Ex-Crush [?] (LOL) on Church :D and We wore clothes with the same color! such a couple :D *dzinggg
yea, he was my 2009's Christmas! I miss you TOR! But we're lost contact now so hell yeah, we never talk each other since 9month maybe :P
and about my 'mood-booster'.... he haven't text me... yea but I still expecting :)
I know he's kinda busy there. I just send my pray for him. hopefully he'll celebrate Christmas there, on his New church :)
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