Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Confession Sacrament

hey, back again with me :)
Christmas is closer guys!!! Really can't wait :D
oya, I just got a Confession Sacrament today at Church :)
you know, I almost forgot about it! how stupid!
I arrived home at 4p.m. then my father asked me: "Have you go to Church to get a Confession Sacrament?"
heard that, I just shocked! How could I forget this important occasion?? :O
I've been waiting so long for this occasion, but I forgot it! OMG!!!
then I took a bath for only 4 minutes then hurried up go to Church with my Father.
arrived at Church, the Confession Sacrament had started. But I felt so relieve that finally I don't lost this occasion. cause for me, Christmas is incomplete without gettin Confession Sacrament.

I'd been waiting aprox. 30 minutes, then I got my chance! Honestly I felt so nervous cause last time I got this sacrament on last Easter, maybe 8 months ago.
but, I just keep calm and did the Confession slowly and directly. I felt so touched! I cried remember all of my sins and felt that I just an imperfect girl who really doesn't mean anything in God's eye cause all of my sins :'(
After my Confession's over, I got some penitent and advices from pastor. and that really make me so calm and felt so many God's love in my heart. I'm so relieve till now. I hope I can celebrate Christmas more sacredly then :)

But I've promised to my self that I'll change my life! Confession Sacrament means that we'll start new life, forget our past and learn all our mistakes to be a better God's children :)

Happy 13 days before Christmas :D

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