Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

1st Holiday

How was My First Holiday???
hmmm... today was very wonderful! you know what? Because I've join some kinds like Church Teenager Organization's activity last night. and this morning I followed my Pastor go to Ungaran to join such a Religion's Teenager Activity.
hoaaa.. I really miss that moment. I could sharing with my Church Friends and Pastor.  Now I realize how important these activity. It can make my faith's growing! :)
Ohh.. I really miss you Jesus! I wanted to be closer to You. I know I don't like i used to be. I've changed a lot!
There're so much sin I've made. :(( I feel Unworthy :((
Since now, I promise to be more obedient! Yeah! I'll try! :))
Anyway, since today I started course again. yes, with Mas Arum of course :)
OMG He's such a perfect man! so smart inside and outside! :D
and today I feel so dizzy about our Observation's project. Yeah, Mr. Prasida, our Biology's teacher gave us this project. And I'll do it in group. my partners are: Kristin, Nining, Kamal, Agustaf. They are my besties!! :D
and I love work with them :) It will be so fun and attractive! hehe although we're still dizzy and confuse with this project -.-'
So we'll continue our observation's project another day :) I really miss my besties! (Even though we just met this day :P)
hoho I think that's all for now. I wanna continue reading novels :D

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