Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Harvest Celebration in Kulon Progo (Wrote by my self)

When I wanted to write this assignment, I was reminded with the harvest celebration in Kulon Progo, my birthplace. The main celebration is called “wiwitan” wich means first start packing rice. My grandparents are farmers. This celebration is very unique. Why? Because it just celebrate only in Kulon Progo.
I remember when I first followed my grandmother went to field to celebrate “wiwitan”. Previously I did not understand why grandma brought some foods, flowers and many others to field. She brought “sega tumpeng” (a cone-shaped rice), “jangan kluwih” (almost similar to young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk), “sambel gepleng” (made from soybean and finely ground pepper), eggs, “ingkung” (chicken that is cooked without cut) “pelas lilin” (made from grated coconut wrapped in “godhong dhadhap serep” (dhadhap serep leaf), “janur” (young coconut leaf), “ani-ani” (riceplant cutter), “lawe wenang” (thread), water that save in “kendhi”, “kembang telon” (three kind of flowers, such as rose, jasmine, “pandan wangi” and so on). I’m so confused why my grandma brought that things and I was afraid to ask my grandma.
Arrieved in the ricefield, we sit on the grass near the rice plant. Then my grandma started to pray. After  finished pray, I heared  my grandma spoke like a prayer in Javanese: “mboyong mbok sri saking tegal kepanasan diboyong wonten gedhong petaringan”  that sentence obliged to be said in the “wiwitan” celebration. That’s mean: Pick rice from the ricefield then bring it to rice barn. Then grandma picked some rices, string it with thread and put the “kembang telon” inside. The rice bunch called “Dewi Sri”. Dewi Sri is the symbol of God that protect the ricefield. Then we ate some food that brought by my grandma together, or usually called “Bancakan”. The “wiwitan” was over, then we went back to home and brought the Dewi Sri. Dewi Sri usually put on the top of the door as thank God for the harvest. On the way back home I ask my grandma why should we brought that food. And she answered that every kind of food that she was brought has the meaning. “jangan kluwih” means that “Rezeki Luwih” (Abundant Sustenance). “ingkung” from the word “manengkung” means that we always want to close with God. After celebration “wiwitan” been implemented, means that the strings of rice on a large scale starting. Farmers usually hire workers to pick their rice. The worker usually called “buruh ngasak” and they will receive ration of the crop. After harvest, they will do the planting of rice together. So they are principled “plant and harvest together” And that celebration already dane by the inter-generational heredity. That celebration is very unique and we must preserve it. They usually doing harvest only four time a year, and its often concided with holiday semester. So each time a vacation semester arrieved, I did not want miss that celebration

hehe maaf ye kalo tulisan-nya abal :P maklum udah lama sih sebenernya nih tugas.

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  1. Awesome pix! Loox like a very peaceful place and I bet the food was great!

  2. ah yes bro. lets come to my place :)


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